Brief Company History


LUZVIMINDA is an engineering and construction firm organized and registered on July 07, 1988. The name LUZVIMINDA is an endemic Pilipino word because it is the acronym of the three biggest group of islands that comprises the Republic of the Philippines namely: LUZON, VISAYAS and MINDANAO,


When LUZVIMINDA was established in 1988, the company intended to undertake Detailed Engineering, Project Management and Small – Scale Construction only. However, from this humble beginning, LUZVIMINDA was able to expand its contracting capability that provides construction allied services to Government Infrastructure, Petrochemical Industry, Industrial Plants, Power and Energy Sector, and Building and Property Development. And true to its name, LUZVIMINDA has satisfactorily completed projects with varying scope scattered all over the archipelago.


LUZVIMINDA is a distinguished member of two (2) prestigious organizations in the construction industry of the Philippines, the Philippine Contractors Association (PCA) and Association of Carriers and Equipment Lessors, Inc. (ACEL). At Present, LUZVIMINDA is ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified and accredited by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) with License No. 13664 as Category “AAA” having expertise in Marine Civil Works, Dredging and Reclamation, Foundation Engineering, Irrigation and Flood Control, and Horizontal and Vertical Structures.


LUZVIMINDA has also endeavored to own equipment and tools to be able to compete in this wide spectrum of construction, and presently owned the following equipment to name a few: Marine Equipment (Crane Barges, Dredgers and Tugboats), Foundation Equipment (Diesel Hammers, Vibro Hammers and Bored Pile Machines), Site Development (Backhoes, Payloaders, Graders, Bulldozers, and Dump Trucks) and other equipment and tools for its specialty works.